At Evan's Classic Car Garage, we provide a full range of mechanical repairs, general services and RWC and has been based in Box Hill North since 1999.

Evan's Classic Car Garage specializes in Cars, 4x4, Trucks, Vintage cars, Classic cars and Hot Rods.

Whether you own a Mazda, Hyundai, Honda, Suzuki, Holden, Volkswagen, Nissan, Volvo, Jeep, Range or Land Rover, Toyota, Audi, Citroen, Mercedes, Porsche, Mitsubishi, Lexus, Peugeot, BMW, Renault, Kia, Subaru, Ford or Saab we can repair it!.

Evan's Classic Car Garage aim to provide all of our clients with outstanding quality work and quality service. 

Evan has over 28 years of experience in the automotive industry and has built his reputation on reliability and first class workmanship and is a VACC Accredited Repairer and Licensed RWC Tester.



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